Victoria may

About Me:

I have a passion for helping others through therapy and helping clients meet their goals as well as improve their day-to-day life through therapy. I understand how daunting it can be looking for a therapist and wish to offer a space where you, the client, feels heard, listened to, and validated, where you feel safe to explore any issues you may currently be experiencing or any past events that you feel stuck in and wish to process. I believe therapy can be beneficial to give you the space to look at these thoughts and feelings in a more in-depth way to find the roots of what may be causing these feelings and look at ways of moving forwards. 

I understand life can be full on and so we don’t often get times to sit and process any events that have happened which can lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxiety or depression. Life and work have especially felt heavier over the last several years with individuals experiencing burnout through the different changes we have all had to face. I believe through regular therapy sessions; it allows you a place to work through and process any of these experiences as well as looking at coping mechanisms that can help day to day.  

My Qualifications:

Counselling Psychology

I have a MSc in Counselling Psychology that I hold in a Merit. I completed this MSc at Keele University.

Counselling for Depression (CfD)

I have a certificate in Counselling for Depression (Also known as CfD) which was required in order to work within the NHS IAPT framework. This was achieved through the University of Nottingham.

Criminology & Psychology

I have a BSc in Criminology and Psychology from Keele University.

My Experience:

I have over 10 years’ experience working as a therapist in a variety of different settings helping hundreds of individuals with their mental health. Here are some examples of organisations I have worked for.

University setting:
I have over four years’ experience working as a therapist for university students with a variety of mental health issues. This worked included short term (6 sessions) work. The work ranged from anxiety, depression, to settling into university life and past trauma. I also delivered workshops during this time to students and staff members that looked at emotional resilience.
Private Practice:
My private practice has been open for 6 years and during this time I have worked with a variety of mental health issues in both a long- and short-term capacity. I have worked both face to face and online during this time.
Low-cost setting:
 I have several years’ experience working with a variety of low costmental health organisations, including Mind. In this setting I offered short term therapy for individuals that had self-referred to the service.
NHS IAPT setting:
Whilst working for NHS IAPT I offered short term therapy for those within East and North Herts that had been referred for counselling by their GP.
Alcohol and drug abuse service – I have experience working with individuals experiencing alcohol abuse.

Additional Information:

As part of my membership to the BACP as well as my passion for therapy and mental health I undergo regular professional development. Here are some examples of the training I have undergone.

DBT – This training was completed in 2021 by as part of my employment at the University of Hertfordshire.
CID – This training was completed in 2019 by as part of my employment at the University of Hertfordshire.
Teaching Clients Mindfulness Techniques – This training was undertaken in 2015 through Stanton courses.
Applying Attachment theory in clinical practice – Pesi.


If you have any further questions feel free to contact me

Continual professional Development Training:

BACP Registered Member:
– I am a registered member with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and so adhere to their BACP Code of Ethics

DBS Approved:
– I am a member of the DBS service and hold an enhanced DBS check.

ICO Registered– I am registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office). My registration number is: ZB295144